Understanding My Invoice

Invoicing Frequency

Your invoice is issued on the 1st of each month.  It contains the following type of charges:-

  • If this is your first invoice for a service, a pro-rata for the first month in arrears.
  • Rental in advance for the next month
  • Your usage for up to the last business day of the prior month

Note, your first invoice may be larger it is may include a whole month, plus the prior month from when any service was added or changed.

You may view your current, past and unbilled charges at any time in our Members Area at https://client.besttelecom.group/.

Payment Methods

Your invoice is due for payment by the 15th and can be paid by:-

  • bPAY using the​ bPay Biller ​Code and the 7 digit bPAY reference number located on the front page of your most recent invoice to make your payment by:-
    1. Internet Banking
    2. calling your bank and completing a Phone Banking payment
  • by Direct Deposit/Direct Credit to our Bank Account using the details from your most recent invoice
  • 7 digit bPAY reference number located on the front page of your most recent invoice(remember to use your 6 digit customer number shown on your invoice as the reference)
  • to pay by PayPal, click on the link on your most recent invoice

Payment Processing Fees

The following fees apply when a payment is made to Best Telecom Group:-

  • for VISA or MasterCard, 2% per transaction + 88c processing fee
  • for American Express 4% per transaction + 88c processing fee
  • for Direct Debit, 1% per transaction + 30c processing fee (capped at $3.50)

Where payment paid is: 

  • not paid by the due date, a late fee applies, being $10 or 3% of the account balance, which ever is greater; and/or
  • dis-honoured, a $10 fee applies; and/or
  • charged-back, a $44 fee applies (+ the value of the reversed/charged-back amount).

Payments made by PayPal attract a payment processing fee, depending on the method of payment used by the customer, which is passed through at cost on the following invoice.

There is no charge for payments made to our Bank account by Direct Deposit, EFT/Direct Credit or for Cheques or Money Orders posted to us.​