Transfer Charges


A transfer charge is incurred every time a line moves between different billers of Carriage Services. The Transfer of Services is generally governed by the Local Number Portability Code and enables a subscriber to maintain their Service Number when changing Networks or Retail Service Providers

Broadband Activation & Transfers

  • NBN Greenfield Site $300 for first-time activation
  • Rapid Transfer of ADSL or NBN services
    • transfer a service to us, $149
    • transfer a service to out or cancel at any time $110, and:-
      • a calendar months notice based on the usual monthly fees; and
      • where a fixed term contract is active, the remaining whole months on that contract.

Fixed Line Numbers

  • Either to or from the Telstra network to another network for a single PSTN number, $69.97
    ie. Telstra to or from Optus

Inbound Number Moves, Adds or Changes

  • Porting activity charge, $25 per transfer (in our out); and
  • Changes to answering points, $50 per change; and
  • Urgent/Emergency Changes, an escalation fee of $250.

Mobile Service Numbers

  • Between carrier networks, $15 per number (includes SIM card)

Special Notes

  • Customers transferring should always check to ensure that they do not have an outstanding contractual obligation to their previous (losing) provider. This is not something that we are able to check for Privacy reasons.
  • One month's notice is required to terminate or transfer a number, where notice is not provided, payment in lieu of notice is payable, being the monthly plan fee
  • Where a service is transferred before the end of the contract term, the remaining unexpired month's of a contract term are payable, being monthly plan fee x remaining months or part thereof
  • In the case of fixed lines, we only provide full service fixed lines, ie. line rental local national mobile international and features, where a part of a line is transferred to another provider, resulting in the service remaining with us not being full service, we reserve the right to reverse the loss of the relevant components to ensure no disruption to your services.


  • S.479, Telecommunications Act, 1997 (Cwth) re Standard Form of Agreement
  • Our Standard Form of Agreement and Supplementary Terms & Conditions
  • Industry Code
    • C570:2009 Mobile Number Portability
      The Industry Code has been developed to specify the procedural arrangements required to Port a Mobile Service Number between Carriage Service Providers, where there is a change in Mobile Carrier network. Elements of the Industry Code could be utilised by Carriers and Carriage Service Providers in other customer transfer scenarios. Carriers and Carriage Service Providers (including long distance CSPs) must fulfil their routing obligations under the Numbering Plan. This Industry Code provides for automated interfaces between Mobile Carriers/Carriage Service Providers to support Mobile Number Portability in the distribution of routing information.
    • C628:2012 Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code
      The TCP Code is a code of conduct for the Telecommunications Industry in Australia. It provides community safeguards in the areas of sales, service and contracts, billing, credit and debt management, changing suppliers, and complaint handling. It also sets out a framework of code compliance and monitoring. The TCP Code was registered by the ACMA on 1 September 2012 and it replaces the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Industry Code (C628:2007). It applies to all Carriage Service Providers in Australia.
    • C540:2013 Local Number Portability
  • Network Acceptable Use Policy