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Services provided by BEST TELECOM DIGITAL in Australia and New Zealand are subject to a Standard Form of Agreement, formulated for the purposes of Section 479 of the Telecommunications Act, 1997 (Cwth) in Australia and/or the Telecommunications Act, 2001 (New Zealand), and subordinate legislation, as amended, collectively referred to as the “the Telecommunications Act”.  Additionally, simplified product agreements (known Critical Information Summaries) are also lodged Communications Compliance annually.
The following general provisions apply to all services a provided on a month-to month-agreement, except where otherwise agreed, or as specified for any plan below:-

  • receive a discounted or free setup or technology change on any broadband plan;
  • receive discounted or free hardware of any nature;
  • receive special pricing, ie. monthly price reduction against our prices published on our website; and/or
  • ability to make payment by a non-fiat currency, such as Bartercard, Qoin or other agreement arrangements per our Supplementary Terms & Conditions;
  • mobile phone plans, which are on minimum of 24 month plans;
  • domains and web sites are billed every 24 months for .au or .nz domains and every 12 months for any other domains and associated hosting is billed for the same period, depending on the renewal period of the domain - please refer to https://domains.besttelecom.group for information on domains, web and email hosting; and/or
  • payments by Credit Card or Direct Debit are subject to processing fees, per https://besttelecom.group/understanding-my-invoice/.  Direct Debit from a Bank Account is not available for New Zealand customers.

As a Business Grade carriage service provider, we may not be able to provide Priority Medical Assistance, Pensioner Discounted Services or access to Emergency Call 000 or 111 from some types of telephone services ; please see ACMA Emergency Call Rules in Australia or Commission 111 Contact Code in New Zealand.

Phone Word License

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Customers paying with Bartercard, Qoin or crypto-currency also subject to our Supplementary Terms and Conditions

eFax Conditions

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Transfer Charges (Broadband, Fixed Line, Inbound & Mobile)

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Cancellation, Relocation of Change of Ownership

  • To terminate a service, download a Cancellation Form (page 2); and
  • A calendar month's written notice is required to terminate any service, or payment in lieu where short or no notice is provided ; and
  • A $110 exit fee applies for each broadband plan; and
  • Where a fixed term agreement is in place and the term has not expired, the remaining months of the fixed term agreement x the minimum monthly charge; and
  • Where a service is prepaid for a set period, client may leave before the end of that period, although they will forfeit any prepaid amount if the leave before the end of the period; and
  • To change ownership of a service, a Change of Ownership Form (pages 4 & 5) needs to be completed by the new and former owners; and
  • The former owner/s account needs to be paid before a Change of Ownership can be actioned.