Price Match your telecommunications provider
with 50% Bartercard, on the largest network!
available in Australia & New Zealand

Doing Business With Us

As a complete provider of telecommunications services, we can provide you with all flavours of phone (fixed, mobile, inbound & VoIP/SIP), broadband (fixed and mobile), web hosting and domain names. Remember, all of your services will be on a single bill with us and you keep all your existing numbers, on the largest data, phone and mobile networks in Australia & New Zealand.

The Bartercard component will be billed for the contract period upon acceptance of your application. Your first cash invoice will be issued in the month you join us and is payable on issue for 50% of your first months rental and your small cash setup charge.
Excess usage is billed in arrears and includes detailed usage for all of the types of charges that you have used, any features on your line and full itemisation of local, national/toll, mobile, international and roaming charges.

Our friendly local Product Specialists are located in Australia and New Zealand are are available from 8AM to 6PM weekdays and are only too happy to discuss your telecommunication requirements.
Simply complete your details below, update your two most recent invoices from current provider/s and click submit to start the process!

Digital Currency (Bartercard/Qoin/Crypto) Plan Conditions

Cancellation Policy

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