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EARLY TERMINATION CHARGEIf you cancel your Mobile plan before your contract term ends you will be charged an Early Termination Charge (ETC).  This is your monthly access fee multiplied by the remaining months of the contract i.e. if you still have 6 months remaining the ETC would be 6 x $50 total $300.

CANCELLATIONA calendar months notice period is required to cancel your plan at any time, in addition to any ETC that may apply.CALLS EXCLUDED FROM MONTHLY INCLUDED VALUEExcluded call types are any International usage (data roaming, SMS and MMS), Premium and 1900 calls.  Directory assistance, Video calls and other call types not listed as Standard Usage are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee.  For details of charges for usage types that are excluded from monthly standard usage, please contact us.EXCESS MOBILE DATA USAGE CHARGESExcess usage charged at $15 per GB or part thereof.

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