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Inbound & Toll-Free Services

What is a 1300 number?

A 1300 number allows your customers to call you from any fixed line in Australia for a flat rate. Inbound numbers are 10 digits (e.g. 1300852378) and Best Telecom customers can have their own standard 1300 number from just $14.95 per month.

How Does It Work?

Businesses that have a 1300 number pay a monthly service fee and then pay a price per minute for calls they receive on this number. As 1300 Numbers are not tied to any exchange and can be answered at any phone a customer chooses, they are a great way for businesses to have a presence beyond their own suburb.

13 numbers are only 6 digits (including the 13) so there are less than 9,999 of them in Australia. They involve a higher rental as they include a significant government surcharge, usually $8,000+ per annum. Other than that, they are the same as 1300 numbers.

With a Business 1800, 0800 or 0508 number, your customers can call toll free and your business pays for the call.
You can choose either 1800, 0508 or 0800 number or a word phone number that suits your business. For more detail, check out Business National Toll Free and Business International Toll Free.

Benefits For Your Business

  • Provides your business with a single National presence; you can nominate any location of where 1300 call is answered
  • Easily moved if your business relocates your number can stay the same
  • Fixed flat rate cost for customer (1800, 0800 or 0508 number is free)
  • Easy to keep your existing number and bring it to Best Telecom.

1800, 0800 or 0508 Numbers

1800, 0800 or 0508 numbers again are similar to 1300 numbers, but can be called for free from any fixed line in Australia. Thus the charges to receive calls on 1800 numbers are a little higher. To customers these numbers are also known as Toll Free Free Call numbers.

There are a range of different types of inbound, toll-free and PhoneWord / Smart Number services, namely:-

  • 1800/0800/0508
    Customers calling a 18000800/0508 number are not charged a call fee, UNLESS they call from a mobile phone, which is charged at the rate set by their carrier.
  • 1300
    Customers calling a 1300 number are charged a fixed cost call fee, similar to local call, UNLESS they call from a mobile phone ; the rates to 1300 numbers are set by the calling parties fixed or mobile phone provider.
  • 13
    A short, easy to remember number, where your customers can call you for the cost of a local call. The monthly rental on these numbers is the same as a 1300 number, although a special government tax/charge applies to 6 & 8 digit 13 numbers.
  • International Toll-free
    Make sure you customers can contact you, no matter where they are in the world. Divert calls from Australia to an overseas destination or have calls from overseas answer in Australia.
  • PhoneWord / ACMA Smartnumber
    A caller dials a PhoneWord by pressing the letters on a telephone keypad. PhoneWords are easier for callers to remember, particularly if they can be linked to an organisation's name or function eg. 13 RSPCA. Smartnumbers provide benefits to businesses which include: more memorable contact telephone numbers, encourage calls because of the low call costs, and provide automatic routing of inbound call traffic. Automatic routing allows national businesses to direct calls on a regional basis. Smartnumbers® have enhanced rights of use, unlike other telephone numbers these numbers may be leased or sold to another person subject to certain legal conditions.


  • Tailored solutions for franchising
  • Answer-point changes effective in 10 minutes
  • Lease your phoneword by postcode
  • New number activation effective in 10 minutes (from allocation of number)

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What Next?

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