Convenient Hosted Phone System

Gives You Fantastic Call Flexibility

BEST ePBX Hosted Phone System

A BEST ePBX will save your business money. It provides all the functionality of a traditional PABX and all at a very low cost.

  • Ideal for small to medium businesses
  • Low start up and monthly costs
  • Advanced telephony features such as voicemail to email

What Is ePBX?

ePBX is a complete Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony System. It delivers all the features of a traditional PABX without having expensive set up & maintenance costs. The system delivers quality & reliability and facilitates a cost effective growth path for your business.

How Does ePBX Work?

ePBX is self-managed via a user friendly web portal with is connected to BEST's Broadband Phone Service.
The solution users your broadband connection for voice calling.
All you need to operate this service are the following components:

  • Broadband Modem/Router
  • Ethernet Switch
  • IP Phones

Benefits For Your Business

Whether you're starting a new business, relocating, expanding or upgrading your phone system, BEST's ePBX is the communication solution to answer your business needs.

Financial Benefits

  • Low start-up costs & ongoing monthly fees.
    Cost to set up an ePBX is significantly lower than an onsite PABX Phone system. No need for ongoing software customisation & upgrade costs
  • No onsite technical support required
    Quick & easy to install, as soon as you're ready to set up your ePBX just plug your phones in
  • Low mobile phone call costs; only 17c/min
  • ePBX local & national calls; only 10c each untimed, anytime
  • Free calls & transfers - between your offices on e PBX

Operational Benefits

  • Redundancy
    Set up your phone system to automatically send calls to your staffs' mobile phones if ever there is a power outage
  • Advanced telephony features
    Such as voicemail to email, without the expense & complexity of an onsite PBX Phone System
  • Quality & Reliability
    BEST's ePBX offers your business premium call quality & reliability
  • Keep your current phone number
    BEST's ePBX offers you number portability so you can bring your current business numbers with you
  • Multiple office sites & remote workers
    BEST's ePBX is fully scalable so you can have a phone system in place no matter where the office location or remote worker is

What Next?

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