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Why Best Personal VPN?

Get ready to be blown away! Best Personal VPN, powered by PureVPN, was the first to introduce personal VPN service. Yes, we are the pioneers of this industry. Plus, we operate a rapidly expanding self-managed VPN network with the most diverse range of security, privacy and anonymity solutions. If you want internet freedom, internet security and full internet privacy, there is none better out there than PureVPN.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Fastest VPN Service
  • 256-bit Data Encryption
  • Protocols
  • Open VPN
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat Support
  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Smart Purpose Selection
  • 450+ Servers in 101 Countries
  • Wi-Fi Security/Firewall  
  • Over 80,000 IP's
  • Access all Servers in 1 Package
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • VPN Software
  • VPN Mobile Apps
  • NAT-Firewall
  • Secure Browser
  • Dedicated IP
  • Dedicated Streaming

PureVPN does not put any limits and restrictions on your data usage. This means you are free to download and stream as much as you want.

Hop across all 450+ Servers on the PureVPN network as many times as you want. There are absolutely no restrictions on server switching!

With PureVPN, there are no restrictions on bandwidth usage and server switching. Even your ISP cannot throttle your internet speed when you are ‘anonymized' by PureVPN. So, go ahead and stream movies, watch the latest TV shows, download stuff and enjoy the internet.

Data encryption is employed to encode your important data and turn it into a random group of alphanumeric characters before transmitting them on the internet. PureVPN provides the highest level of 256-bit SSL or AES encryption with all its accounts so you can be sure of your data privacy and security at all times.

There are a variety of protocols that come with PureVPN. These protocols range from PPTP (best for streaming/worst for security) to L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and SSL-based OpenVPN protocol with up to 256-bit of data encryption (best for security/not-so-good for streaming). This entire range of protocols is easily accessible using customized PureVPN dialer for different operating systems. The power is in your hands!

OpenVPN is an open source data tunneling technique that works like a charm with all devices and mobile platforms. Plus, it allows you to bypass NAT firewalls that are placed in countries like China to block access to a long list of websites. On top of that, PureVPN offers OpenVPN that uses SSL-based 256-bit data encryption for complete data privacy and protection.