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Understand Wire Maintenance

Over time, the wiring in your home or business can experience faults and may need repairing. For a small monthly fee you can sign up to our optional Wire Maintenance service. Then, if you have a fault, we’ll send a technician to look at it. If it’s covered we’ll fix the fault and take care of the costs.

If the fault’s not covered we’ll charge you a locate fee. And if you ask us to fix the fault we’ll charge you for our time and the materials. See below for these fees.

What Wire Maintenance covers

Unless the cause of the fault is one of the factors listed in the next section, Wire Maintenance covers:

  • Faulty internal wiring
  • Faulty splitters and jackpoints (sometimes called sockets)
  • Issues such as:
    • Static on the line
    • Being unable to make or receive calls
    • Frequent disconnections or loss of broadband service

What Wire Maintenance doesn’t cover

  • Damage caused by renovations, alterations, wilful or deliberate actions
  • Faults caused by faulty equipment. These include medical alarms, extension cables, phones, filters or a modem that’s out of warranty. If your modem was the only cause of the fault, there won’t be a charge for the technician’s visit if:
    • Spark supplied the modem, and
    • It’s still in warranty or covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Damage caused by exposure to weather or from natural disasters
  • Faults caused by pets, vermin or other animals and insects
  • Other changes that aren’t required to fix the fault. For example, upgrading, adding or changing equipment such as wiring, a splitter or jackpoint while the technician is on site.
  • Repairs to wiring or jackpoint installations if:
    • Someone other than a Chorus technician did the work, and
    • It doesn’t meet telecommunications industry standards
  • Damaged wiring outside your house, such as wiring between your house and shed
  • Any Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines

Wire Maintenance and repair work costs

  • If you choose to have Wire Maintenance, you’ll be charged $4.95 each month including GST
  • If you choose not to have Wire Maintenance, you’ll be charged repair costs for work inside the house to fix problems. These also apply to work that’s not covered by Wire Maintenance. The costs include:
    • A fee to locate the fault: $124.99 including GST
    • Labour rate (per 15 minutes): $25.30 including GST plus any extra material costs

30-day stand down

  • If you opt in to Wire Maintenance when you sign up for a service you’re covered straight away
  • If you choose not to have Wire Maintenance when you sign up for a service and add it later, there will be a 30-day stand down. The repair fees above will apply for any repair work you need done during the stand-down period.