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Best Telecom NZ, Manage call features: copper landline, Remote diversion

  1. If you’re calling from within New Zealand, dial 083215 and wait for the voice prompt
  2. Enter your phone number and then enter your PIN
    • Note: If you haven’t done a remote diversion before, the PIN is 1234
  3. Select 1 to access call diversion
  4. Wait until you hear a dial tone
  5. If you haven’t set up call diversion slots:
    • Enter 181
    • Enter the slot number, from 161–169, you want to assign a number to
    • Enter the phone number you want to divert to, followed by the # key
  6. Enter the slot number that relates to your diversion number, eg, 161
  7. Listen for the confirmation dial tone. It will have one long beep, a short beep and another long beep. Then, either end the call or wait until you connect to the diversion number.

To turn off call diversion from another phone repeat steps one to six above. Once you hear a tone that has one long beep, a short beep and another long beep, enter 160. Wait for the dial tone and then end the call. To turn off call diversion from overseas, you’ll need to contact us to do this for you.