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Best Telecom Group, Media Connect Benefits

Digital media production has been around for some time; with studios – both film and TV – shooting material digitally rather than on celluloid. However transferring this material between the various stages of production often still involves the movement of tapes and hard drives.

There is growing recognition that a complete end-to-end digital work flow is key to meeting the demands of this changing market place.  In addition, the rising cost of production has meant this work flow needs to be increasingly collaborative. This can range from using a production house in Melbourne rather than Sydney or receiving the latest episode of Game of Thrones from Hollywood.

Digital Workflow for Media
The key stages of the production and broadcast (or distribution) of media are:

Connect, Transfer, Store


The first component of our Media Connect initiative is Connect.

1 – For Businesses
Utilising the comprehensive Best Telecom Group Network – which includes Best Telecom Group’s Carrier-Grade network and MBE Ethernet last mile service-providing:

  • Connectivity between organisations, allowing the movement of media and materials.
  • Consolidation of each aspect of an organisation’s network requirements – including voice, hosting, data and media transfer onto a single network.

2 – For Consumers
Consumer content is served via the leading Content Deliver Network innovator:
Edgecast enabling Best Telecom Group ’s customers to ensure the delivery of video to their end-user in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Utilising Signiant, a world leader in file transfer software, Transfer empowers organisations to utilise a number of advanced distribution methods, including:

  • Migrating film or tape based methodology to the more efficient file-based workflow.
  • The ability to receive programme files from around the world.
  • Modifying workflow and improving efficiency by allowing multi-site or multi-supplier enterprises moving large files to reduce their costs.

Again, further benefits can be found here.


Utilising the Best Telecom Group Cloud, this provides a range of flexible storage, payment and hosting options, providing:

  • A significant reduction in the cost of content storage, including the Best Telecom Group ‘Pay as You Grow’ model.
  • A decentralised Disaster Recovery Capability on the Best Telecom Group network
  • A flexible model for hosting and storage that grows as customers grow.

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Potential Users

Media Connect is about supporting the media community, enabling all participants whatever their size to work collaboratively, regardless of whether they create, produce, distribute or re-purpose video content.

Listed here are a few examples that demonstrate why many customers benefit from using Connect, Transfer and Store.

The Benefits of Best Telecom Group Media Connect

Best Telecom Group Media Connect is a secure high-speed IP network designed for the Australian broadcast and media community. This proves a range of services and applications that enable members to cost-effectively collaborate on the creation, aggregation and distribution of digital content in a rapidly changing environment.

Underpinned by our – “Connect, Transfer and Store” – strategy, Best Telecom Group Media Connect enables production and post-production companies, broadcasters, rights owners, advertisers and ad agencies, technical service providers, and TV news bureaus to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the emerging digital media economy.

Best Telecom Group Media Connect offers:

  • Accelerated file transfers (up to 200 times faster than standard FTP) with no file size limits
  • Creative collaboration and a corporate-approved file sharing solution
  • Central management of devices and policy
  • Secure content and operations
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Convenience and ease-of-use – users exchange content with other users, systems and applications via a simple web-browser interface regardless of the location and size of digital assets. Collaboration is fast, reliable and secure.


  • Peace of Mind – eliminates piracy risks associated with physical media shipments or other solutions
  • Reliability – secures high-speed network that is faster and more reliable than the Internet.
  • Consistency – ensures accuracy and consistency of tasks with little if any staff involvement
  • Efficiency – reduces the need for tapes, disks or couriers.
  • Control – helps customers to plan and manage their valuable resources.
  • Choice – Media Connect offers third party services for encoding, archive and storage
  • Optimised – network efficiency ensures large file-based content arrives on-time every-time

Best Telecom Group EdgeCast – Content Delivery Network

Best Telecom Group has partnered with American based CDN provider EdgeCast to bring their CDN solution to Australia.

By leveraging the Best Telecom Group tier-1 network and EdgeCast’s global caching and streaming technology, Best Telecom Group|EdgeCast provides an optimised content delivery solution for the Australian market.

The Best Telecom Group|EdgeCast platform provides:

  • Network Scalability (i.e. grows as needs grow)
  • Geographical reach
  • Super-Fast Global Load Balancing
  • Delivers instant-on, high-quality audio and video in any major format
  • Best viewing experience for the end user

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely fast performance – faster than other CDNs, proven via third party performance testing. (Gomez, Keynote and Cedexis)
  • Quick setup – up and running in minutes, not hours or days
  • Built for the Australian market – Australian focused, backed by the Best Telecom Group Australian Tier 1 network and staff
  • Dedicated data delivery – separate small and large object platforms
  • Intelligent routing – AnyCast – less steps to the end user and more precise.
  • Web-based tools – Media Control Console for quick setup and account management.

Find out more about our CDN here.

Best Telecom Group Ethernet Delivery Network

All of the above services are underpinned by Best Telecom Group’s core network infrastructure.

Best Telecom Group network services provide secure, scalable and cost effective connectivity between locations, and are designed to improve flexibility and reduce costs over traditional leased line transport solutions.

Best Telecom Group Carrier Ethernet services offer:

  • Strict end-end performance characteristics for Jitter, Packet Loss and Latency
  • Flexible topologies, allowing fully meshed or point to point solutions – improving performance over traditional SDH leased lines
  • Designed for the carriage of Video and real time traffic
  • Highly Scalable 2Mb – 10Gb Ethernet services.
  • Transparent carriage supports multiple VLANs, layer 2 protocols, layer 3 and the transport of MPEG, JPEG2000 video content.


  • Reliability – fully diverse Core Network and diverse last mile access network capabilities
  • Flexibility – technical support available to understand business requirements and design the solution needed.
  • Quality – international certified product by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)
  • Transparent – full visibility of network reporting, Packet loss, Jitter and latency performance reporting available.

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