Installing Debian for 3CX on a Mini PC

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This document outlines the procedure which is used to install Debian for 3CX on a Mini PC using USB bootable media. As it is usually the case that mini PCs and small form-factor computers do not include a CD/DVD media drive, this approach uses Rufus which automatically extracts files from the debian iso, copies them to the USB drive and makes it bootable so that you can use it to deliver a Debian for 3CX installation to your small form factor appliance.

Pre-flight Check

In order to successfully install Debian for 3CX on your mini PC, you will need:

  • A FAT32 formatted USB drive with a minimum of 1GB Space.
  • Rufus version 2.17 onwards.

Preparing a bootable USB Drive

  1. Go to the Rufus website and download the latest version. The download consists of one exe file. No installation is required.
  2. Download 3CX ISO and save it a location on your computer.
  3. Plug your USB drive into the computer and launch Rufus.exe.

  1. Select your USB Drive from the Device dropdown. Configure all options as shown in the image above. In the New Volume Label choose the new name for this USB.
  2. Click on the CD Image and browse to the location where the 3CX ISO was downloaded in step (2) above. Click Start.

  1. The first time you use Rufus, you will get this warning dialog. Press Yes to proceed.

  1. Select “Write in ISO Image mode” and press OK.

  1. A Warning message will come up informing you that all data currently on the selected USB Drive will be erased. Press OK to confirm.
  2. When done, press Close, safely eject the USB drive and proceed with your Debian for 3CX installation.