Digital Currency

Supplementary Terms & Conditions

These Supplementary Terms & Conditions apply for customers opting to part of their contract with us by Bartercard, Qoin or any other non-fiat payment methods, with these amendments to our Standard Form of Agreement outlined below:-

Bartercard, Qoin and/or other non-fiat (aka Cryptocurrency) payment methods (“Digital Currency”) is an alternative payment method and as such is considered a “special offer” and cannot therefore be used with other special offers or discounts.

Month to Month contracts are NOT available where a Digital Currency is used as a payment method – contracts are in a minimum 2 years, up to a maximum of 5 years.

In the event that services remain with us after the expiration of the initial term and there has been no prior termination of the services, services will be renewed automatically for a further contract term equivalent to the initial term.

Acceptance of a Digital Currency as a payment method, whether in full or in part, is subject to:-

  • pre-payment of the Digital Currency component for the initial term and any renewal thereof;
  • on-time payment; and, where payment is not received by the due date, all monies due may be charged in cash, in lieu of a Digital Currency; and
  • payment for all monies due by a Digital Currency, is subject to an automatic payment by Credit Card for the cash (or default payment) component (on Terms stipulated on the Invoice, Quotation or Agreement); and
  • not being transferrable between clients.

To ensure no disruption to service, all plans will renew for the same terms as initially opted unless you instruct us in advance to Move, Add or Change of Ownership services by completing and returning the appropriate forms to us, including:-

Specific plans nominated below have a Digital Currency available for payment with them.Price Match of specific Telstra, Optus. Vodafone or Spark Business Line plans as advertised from time to time, please refer to our Quotation/Order Form, Product Guide and/or Critical Information Summary (CIS) for the particular inclusions and extra cash components. 50% Digital Currency prepaid for monthly rental/plan fees for contract term, all other charges are billed monthly in arrears in cash as well as hardware and delivery, payable by Credit Card or Direct Debit.

Note, whilst other special offers are available for Digital Currency members from time to time, these are on “first come, first served” basis. Note cash activation fees to activate service, as well hardware and delivery.

Pre-Payment of Digital Currency components are invoiced to you at the start of each period on our behalf, is held in trust, and applied to each of the periods the subject of your agreement with us, payment for which is applied across the periods in which the service is used for the service to which that relates. Any unused prepaid component cannot be used against a service for which it does not relate to, other and other charge and any unused component expires at the end of the period in which the service for that prepayment relates to.

Cancellation Policy

Where a customer terminates a plan on which Digital Currency is accepted before the end of a fixed contract terms, the following occurs:-

  • the prepaid Digital Currency is forfeited; and
  • an Early Termination Fee is payable in cash for the the remaining months on the contract term for the minimum monthly spend.

Example – 5 months remaining on a standalone Mobile Phone Plan of $99 per month (at 50% Digital Currency) the following applies:-

  • forfeiture of prepaid Digital Currency for 5 months x 50% of $99 = $247.50; and
  • charging of an Eligible Termination Fee of 5 x $99 = $247.50, payable in cash.

Moves (Relocations), Adds & Changes Policy

Where a customer moves, adds, changes (including a change of proprietor) or relocates a service during a contract term, the following occurs:-

Moves (Relocation) of ServicesAt the time of booking the relocation:

  • all services are re-contracted and billed in parallel with the relocated service;
  • any unused whole months from the prior contract term are credited; and
  • the balance of the account relating to the changes are charged in Digital Currency; and
  • at the beginning of the month after relocation, charges are billed for:
  • activation at new premises; and
  • cancellation at old premises; and
  • are payable in cash.

Addition of ServicesWhere a new service is added to an account:-

  • the new service is billed for the contract term as the initial contract term;
  • all other services are re-contracted and billed in parallel with the new service;
  • any unused whole months from the prior contract term are credited; and
  • the balance of the account relating to the changes are charged in Digital Currency.
  • Change of Proprietors or Ownership

Where a Change of Proprietor occurs:-

  • the client is a company (ie. an incorporated entity) and is sold to a new owner, ie. there is only a change of shareholders, then any prepaid credit follows the incorporated entity, since our underlying client does not change, merely the control of that entity, and all services are recontracted; or
  • between two different legal entities, be they incorporated or unincorporated entities, or between a person, partnership trust, incorporated entity or unincorporated entity, then any prepayment remains with the old proprietor and any unused credit may be used against the remaining services with the old proprietor and is otherwise not transferrable; and
  • the old and new proprietors accept and agreed to be unconditionally bound to our Standard Form of Agreement and these Supplementary Terms & Conditions.