Inbound Standard Plans

Use a 1300 or 1800 number to attract new business & help customers to contract you …

The 13/1300/1800 service is a call redirection system.  When a customer calls a 1800 or 13/1300 number (the B-number), they are actually diverted to a third phone number, which is not displayed to the caller.  These calls can be diverted depending on the phone number being called from (the A-number), the location of the caller, the time of day, and can be further re-directed if the destination number is busy or not answering.  There are different types of Inbound numbers available, standard pricing is shown below (special numbers or configurations may incur additional charges, eg. 6 digit numbers).

Charge Type


Monthly fee, per lineFull Trade for base monthly access.

T$44.95 per month

Local calls (first 15 minutes are free on 1300 calls) **

$0.18 per minute

Long Distance **

$0.18 per minute

Calls made from or terminated to a mobile service **

$0.36 per minute

Critical Information Summary

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Included features:-

  • Time of day routing, so you can route calls at different times to different places
  • Postcode prompting, so that customers can enter their postcode to get the closest branch of your office to contact them
  • Call splaying, to enable calls to be routed to different offices when your staff in one office are busy but are less busy elsewhere, improving your organisation’s efficiency and profitability.
  • Comprehensive reporting is provided on all calls so you can easily get:
  • Inbound Call Overview
  • Overview by Day of Month
  • Summary by Calling Region
  • Monthly Overview by Day
  • Cost Centre Allocation
  • Answer-point Summary

What Next?

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